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Things Between

Dec. 20th, 2007 | 11:18 pm
posted by: tprel in empok_nor

Lieutenant T'Prel took the next three months to better adjust to the station. She couldn't quite shake the feeling that she had come in at the end of the events which had brought this crew together. It was an illogical concept, the idea that people could be brought closer by shared tribulations moreso than by shared purpose and duty, but she had found that it was often true, for Vulcans as much as to any other humanoids, although she was unlikely to admit that. Nonetheless, this feeling did not in any way influence her work. She performed her duties professionally and efficiently, doing her best to form a working relationship with the other members of the crew. Although she saw no especial reason to do so, she allowed herself to be drawn into more social activities, learning a variety of games and sporting events preferred by the diverse collection of officers and civilians who made their home on Empok Nor. 

For all of that, however, T'Prel found an intellectual distraction consuming much of her free time. Since she began serving under Commander Tashanas, she had begun to study the Romulan's published work, including some of her articles on the relationship between logic and emotion in ancient Vulcan philosophy and, in particular, the role of emotion in the original teachings or Surak. T'Prel's reaction was, at first, one of denial but she soon dismissed this reaction as an emotional one and sought to approach the matter with intellectual disinterest. While she was not yet convinced, she found that there was a certain logic to her commanding officer's arguments on the matter. If what Tashanas suggested was true, it called into question many of the basic tenets on which she had founded her life. T'Prel could not help meditating intensely on the question.

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The points between

Dec. 5th, 2007 | 11:40 am
posted by: lt_m_hill in empok_nor

After her discussions with Colleen and the Captain Eviess had gone home. She told Matt it was to say goodbye, but Matt wasn't entirely sure she would come back. He found himself during the time she was away wondering if she would come back, or if she would realize how foolish it was for them to be together.

He had been sad to see Lt. Running Eagle leave, but understood the man's reasons. After seeing his parents, Lt. Running Eagle had opted for a more prestigous position closer to his family. Commander Welch had been a bit of a surprise, as had Dr. Lee. Matt was starting to feel like an old codger again,

He had thrown himself into his work, noting some of the minorly illegal things that were happening, but relizing that the evidence was circumstantial and kept a close eye on the bar just to make sure. He was still figuring out how he worked with t'Prel and moving on, letting go of the hopes for life with Eviess when as he walked through the promenade one morning on his way to the Security office he saw her. In her uncle's resturant. Smiling with him and talking in a very animated way. They hadn;t seen each other yet. It was his usual day to eat at the resturant, a habit he had not changed during her absence, but he found he wasn't sure if he wanted to go in or not.

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The end and the beginning...

Dec. 3rd, 2007 | 09:21 pm
posted by: colleenodonnell in empok_nor

Colleen spent the few weeks after her rescue simply recovering, while John and Keith were by her side. She, John, Keith, and Michael all headed to Mars to spend the Christmas holiday with Colleen's parents. While she struggled with physical therapy and avoided counseling, her parents did all they could to make her comfortable and happy. She was, at first, just happy to be home and content with whatever was going on around her. But when the nightmares wouldn't go away, she became slightly depressed and withdrawn. It wasn't until John took Keith and Michael to the holodeck that she opened up to her parents, sparing them the details but getting the general idea across as she told them the declassified parts of her mission. It wasn't much, but they were smart people and understood all her hints and funny looks. This is when the healing period really began for Colleen. The next three months, she actually attended regular counseling sessions of her own accord. And slowly but surely, she's made her way back from the darkness and is starting a self-exploration to truly understand what God is calling her to do.

While on Mars, John contacted his parents and explained that there had been a shuttle accident, and that Colleen had been severely injured. He spoke with them for a while about the period during which they couldn't find Colleen, the cover story on the news, and his consolation of Keith while she was gone. But they didn't seem to really care. They were more concerned with how this would effect his career, and how a relationship with Colleen was, clearly, very dangerous. They told him to think about what he would do if Colleen died, and he was the sole guardian of Keith. How would that destroy his career? At his age, he couldn't afford sole guardianship of a four-year-old. The conversation turned into a shouting match and John ended the transmission.
He continued being supportive of Colleen for the next three months, whether by helping her through a physical therapy or counseling session, or by letting her sleep while he did some of her work, or by just listening as she talked. He took care of Keith when Colleen was afraid her emotions were too strong for the little boy, and he assumed his duties as a father despite his parents' warnings of destroyed careers and premature parenthood.

Keith continued to see Counselor Li for help with his developing empathy and his nightmares. He did a remarkable job of assuming the role of a typical child, emulating what he saw the kids at school do because he didn't want to be emotionally different from them. Although encouraged to tell people what he was feeling, he only did so in extremely emotional situations and his drive to be normal almost extended to his academic work, but not quite. He progressed through algebra nicely and began work on geometry, mastering every concept with increasing speed. His interest in understanding politics and any 'reason' for something disintegrated with his improving photographic memory, and he took to memorizing the answers to all tests except math. Michael launched a campaign to stop that kind of behavior before it took root in Keith's study methods, and began to tutor the boy rigorously in subjects Keith showed no previous interest in, like History and Literature.

Starfleet felt that because of the threat from the rebels, moving the shuttle testing facility was best. They didn't move it far, and after the attacks stopped, Colleen and John petitioned to have it moved back. But Starfleet wasn't willing to expend the resources, so they agreed that they would send shuttles to Empok Nor on a regular basis to go out for one last test flight before being commissioned. The shakedown cruise was Colleen's new job.

Colleen was promoted to full Lieutenant and given a commendation and a medal for her service to Starfleet and the Federation. She was happy with the promotion, and after John's promotion and appointment to chief of Operations, was even happier because they were the same rank. But something was missing. She just didn't know what it was. Her soul search continues...

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3 months.

Dec. 2nd, 2007 | 08:16 pm
posted by: thellizhir in empok_nor

Ell stayed on Empok Nor as (sole) proprietor of The Last Outpost, still working long hours at the bar, though gradually settling in and adjusting to his new life on the station. The more comfortable he got, the more he realized he could get away with... but he hasn't done anything too illegal yet. His reputation as a good cook has expanded, and he loves trying out new dishes on unsuspecting patrons.

He spends as much of his off-time as he can with Diz and the kids, and greatly enjoys their company. Amanda, like Tanoshii, left the station without any clear reason, and because of this, Ell thinks that Diz may have subconsiously distanced herself somewhat from him-- while at the same time Ell's feelings for her have intensified.

Ell never found out why Tanoshii left-- from him, at least. He did, however, speak with Leritha a little more than a week after she left the station. Turns out Tanoshii had to return to his home planet (she didn't specifically mention Earth) because of a "family emergency". And Leritha returned to Harbortown to be with her friend Allin, who had suddenly fallen ill. Leritha also didn't appreciate Ell's assumption that she'd "driven off into the sunset" with Tanoshii just to spite him.

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What was, and now is....

Nov. 29th, 2007 | 11:31 pm
posted by: dizhei_shdani in empok_nor

Life for Dizhei didn't change all too much, until the transfers started. She couldn't help but feel slight relief once Johnny transfered off, but any relief or happiness disappeared when Amanda also left. Feeling depressed and confused after this turn of events (having never been given a clear reason from Amanda), the only things keeping Diz from despair, were her children, Ell and throwing herself into her work. When the former were also pulled back to Andor by Thia, Diz took personal leave to return home and settle things in person. Upon returning to Empok Nor Diz felt more stable and happier in herself, but not completely better. Again, the same three things kept her from getting worse, and even helped her steadily improve. Dizhei is still trying to get over the all the events since she joined the crew, especially her whirlwind relationship with and the departure of Amanda, and is more close guarded than she was, but is still often seen around the station, either with Ell, the children or both.
The USS Anderran and crew were given a wider patrol area, and meant they were often not in the close vacinity of the station, however Anchient and Lika keep in contact with Dizhei.
Thriss and Shalarab spend the few months continuing to enjoy living on the station, even when they miss Amanda and Johnny.

If I think of anything else, I'll post :)

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between now and then

Nov. 29th, 2007 | 01:51 pm
posted by: tashanas in empok_nor

Tashanas spends the couple of weeks after the current incident fighting to convince Starfleet Command to pay more attention to these raids. The Security team puts together a lot of information, and the Tal-Shiar, through her son Maec get her some information, but after a month it seems to reach a dead end. the attacks stop of their own accord, and no one can trace anything further.

Shortly after the attacks stop Maec is called back to the empire. Just after he leaves, Tashanas becomes more withdrawn and aloof. When Johnny is transferred she stops really talking to anyone. Welch leaves a couple of weeks later to become first officer on a newly commissioned USS Eagle. Two weeks after that Dr. Lee transfers to another ship.

During that time Chief Sussan decides that while he likes her as a commander he can not reconcile what he knows of her past with serving her in good conscious she agrees to his transfer with no further questions asked, and a comendation for the work he had done to stabilize the station's infrastructure.

She promotes Lt. John Wendell to full Lt. and gives him the job of head of Operations.

She also promotes Lt. Colleen O'Donnell to full Lt. with a commendation for her service in the undercover operation.

Counselor Li has been trying to get in to talk to the Captain, but the Captain keeps dodging her.

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SAT 1500 Infirmary

Nov. 21st, 2007 | 01:45 pm
posted by: colleenodonnell in empok_nor

Having woken up from her nap an hour ago, Colleen was understandably bored, and eagerly awaiting Keith's arrival. One of the nurses had spent fifteen minutes getting her settled and comfortable in a chair, and there she waited for someone to bring her little boy to visit. She couldn't wait to see him again, and she had no doubt that if her arms weren't so tired, she wouldn't ever let him go.

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Saturday 1301 - The Last Outpost

Oct. 24th, 2007 | 03:31 pm
posted by: thellizhir in empok_nor

Ell, grinning, buzzed from table to table like an Andorian szach'ril fly, revelling in the busy-ness of lunch hour on a Friday, ensuring that every customer got their correct order-- and on time. Tonight Jaxa was singing, at least she was as of yesterday, and he was even feeling festive enough to have Grok put some decorations up for the occasion.

He took a moment to scan for a familiar face, hoping someone interesting decided to take lunch here today...

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Saturday 1230 School

Aug. 8th, 2007 | 12:12 am
posted by: mork_williams in empok_nor

Mork had been spending the last hour or so, if not more, with Kieth O'Donnell, helping him with his reading. He was rather behind. But given what he'd been through, and the fact he was skilled with numbers, Mork wasn't surprised. Most child genius' or prodigies had flaws in other areas to make up for it. Besides, these one on one sessions would be excellent to keep a close eye on Keith, for his reports, whenever he got the chance to send them.
"Well done, Keith!" He praised as Keith finished the end of the book they had been reading in Federation Standard. "Did you enjoy that book?"

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SAT 1200 Infirmary

Jul. 26th, 2007 | 11:15 am
posted by: colleenodonnell in empok_nor

Colleen wasn't hungry for lunch yet, and she wasn't quite sure why. But she did know that Amanda had promised she could try sitting in a chair. She decided to give that a go. After all, if she didn't at least *try*, there was no way she'd get the okay to go to Jaxa's concert. She caught Amanda's attention, and said with a smile, "Think I could try getting out of this damn bed?"

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SAT 1130 Infirmary

Jul. 24th, 2007 | 01:05 pm
posted by: colleenodonnell in empok_nor

Colleen was bored. She had fallen asleep for about twenty minutes after the briefing, but obviously hadn't been tired enough to sleep long. She couldn't remember if it was a since-forgotten nightmare that had awoken her, or a noise from the outside that had made her think of her captivity. But either way, she was awake and alert almost instantly.

As much as she wanted to see John, she was almost happy he was keeping busy with the Power Meter or whatever had died on him. It was much better for him to be working than occupying himself entirely with her. She didn't think all his hovering was healthy for him.

She started testing her dexterity to pass the time, having found a stylus on her nightstand and worked for a full fifteen minutes to make her arm move over there and pick it up. Now that she had it in her grasp, she put it between her fingers and started trying to flip it. Her wrists were so sore she had serious difficulty just getting it between her fingers, let alone flipping it. Her fingers weren't exactly on her side, either. She suspected at least one or two had been broken, and she had been in so much pain on that station that she hadn't even noticed. But she *needed* to get her dexterity back, and so she worked diligently on flipping the stylus.

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SAT 1000 - Ward Room

Jul. 20th, 2007 | 01:34 pm
posted by: tashanas in empok_nor

Tashanas sat and looked around the room as her staff came in. She raised an eyebrow at the state of the Chief and Lt. Wendell's uniform. The Chief answered her unasked question by muttering something about a conduit near the main power reactor needing to be rewired. She gave him a slight nod as everyone took their seats.

"So I have gotten Admiral Ross to de classify this information for the people in this room. I am also working on what I can tell the Romulan agent aboard ship, and Elements help me the rest of the officials that are going to be coming here.

"This is what we have." She pulled up a holoimage of the region of spce that bordered the major governments in the region. Then sat back with her fingers steepled.

"About 7 months ago a series of Pirate attacks started happening in a scattering of spaces around the most contraversial of these border areas. Frequently using ships that could be traced to the other government. For example, if the attack were on a Klingon world it could likely be traced to a Cardassian ship, if it was on a Federation world, likely to be Klingon or Romulan. In general these seemed to play on the distrust between governemtns far more than seemed likely to me for Pirates.

"The rate was holding steady, but the targets were getting slowly bolder and bolder. The tactics were not dissimilar to the Marquis but it didn't appear to be targeting one government, but rather all of them somewhat equally. Though the Federation was generally the one being the least hit.

"I was reading through some old reports of Dr. Bashir's from DS9 and he commented that Section 31 was wary of the peace that the Federation has been pursuing since the end of the Dominion War. That they felt that it was inevitable that it would weaken the Federation and eventually lead to it's downfall.

"From my own history I knew that some of the other organizations that thrive on subterfuge were likely concerned about the same issues. So I started analyzing the pattern from that point of view. One other thing that came up in my research is that the attacks in this area fel off sharply after I came here. Not that I was doing anything to cause that, it just seemed that this station coming under power and functioning again were doing it.

"This led me to suspect that there was likely a spy on board, since the only attacks in this area have been somewhat distant, and have been while I was off-station, one even occured during the time I was in the alternate universe.

"With these suspicions I had a lot of speculation and no evidence. I needed evidence, I suspected however that there was no way for me to gather that information reliably other than sending someone in undercover.

"I asked Lt. O'Donnell to do this, she agreed and together we came up with the most plausible of ways for her and I to disagree enough to pull off the subterfuge. Unfortunatly, I underestimated how wary they were. The plan did not go nearly as well as I had hoped. When Lt. O'Donnell's signal came in several hours early I started preparing to take the Hades out, whenher next one didn't happen we were already en route.

"What Lt. O'Donnell witnessed supports the idea that there are members of all the different races playing a role in this. She saw many different races and evidence in the mess hall of several others." Tashanas unsteepled her hands and looked around the room to see how they were all taking this.

"We are dealing with a conspiracy that isn't going to be straight forward, and while there aren't any changlings in it I suspect, are likely to be just as difficult to pin down. So that's what we have. Anything to add Lt.?" She looked at the viewer that had the secure channel to Colleen's bed on it.

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Sat 0900: Power Reactor Room

Jul. 19th, 2007 | 09:30 am
posted by: trind_sussan in empok_nor

Trind said a few things about cardassian engineers that he was glad that the translator wouldn't render as he looked through the diagnostic screens.

"Trind to Wendell. Report to the main reactor bay." The Captain had wanted Trind to find a way to keep him busy until the 1000 briefing... however unidentified power spikes were not what he had had in mind for it.

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SAT 0915

Jul. 12th, 2007 | 08:12 pm
posted by: tashanas in empok_nor

Tashanas sat back in her chair and groaned. She had gotten what she wanted, but it had been a struggle. she sent off the notes to the command crew and Wendell and O'Donnell for the briefing at 1000. But first...

"Tashanas to T'Prel and Running Eagle. Report to my Office."

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SAT 0730 Infirmary

Jul. 9th, 2007 | 12:47 pm
posted by: colleenodonnell in empok_nor


Colleen was trapped. Stuck in a dark room, without any vision. She couldn't see her own body let alone others in the room. And then she heard the voice. That horrible, female voice...and she knew what was coming.

"Give us what we want!" The woman screamed at her.

Her bones snapped one by one, first the shin, then the ankle...the ribs, and the knee, and suddenly she could see. She looked up, and saw that she was hanging once again from the ceiling. Hanging by her bloody wrists and forearms, and could only watch as her body jerked downward, her shoulders finally dislocated from their sockets.

Colleen's surroundings swam, but her attacker's face remained imprinted, solid and clear, in her vision. She couldn't get rid of that face...no matter how hard she tried.

Then he pulled a disruptor, and the woman nodded. A flash of green before her eyes, and everything became bright at once...

She screamed, and sat up all too quickly. Still on the biobed, still in the Infirmary...and in a hell of a lot of pain.

She fell backward, unable to hold herself up, and began coughing. It died down after a moment, and she saw Amanda nearly running toward her. She missed John and Keith...she missed her parents. And she never wanted to go back to that room again, even though she knew she would have to.

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SAT 0700: Replimat

Jul. 5th, 2007 | 02:19 am
posted by: tprel in empok_nor

T'Prel sat by herself, eating a Vulcan dish. She had a PADD with her which she seemed to be studying as she ate. Every now and again her fingers would move quickly over the PADD to call up other data. In the absence of any definite information (or at least any definite information she was cleared to know) she was tentatively and with significant reservations researching her working hypothesis that one of the minor powers was involved in the recent attacks. She had spent the last several hours researching the possibility that the Ferengi Alliance might somehow be involved using all available date but so far she had uncovered no serious reason to believe that that was the case. In fact, she was becoming convinced that any more than marginal involvement by the Ferengi was, if not impossible, highly unlikely. This did not dismay her but was merely a logical first step in a process of elimination which might eventually lead to a solution. Once she had investigated all the minor powers, she planned to begin to investigate discontented groups within the major powers themselves.  She was only peripherally aware of the other sentients dining at the other tables.

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SAT 0100: Tashanas Office

Jul. 2nd, 2007 | 12:11 pm
posted by: tashanas in empok_nor

Tashanas sat in the couch with her eyes closed holding the cup of tea and trying to let herself relax. Colleen was awake, the bad guys would not be attacking here this soon, and her crew had handled themselves better than expected through this. Except maybe Wendell. She wondered to herself how much of a fight they would have when he broached the subject of leaving Empok Nor.

Elements it had been a long few days, and she was starting to feel it. Saril had already been to the office once to chide her for working too hard, but she had to find the pattern. She knew the millitary diplomats from the major involved governments would be here in the next few days, and she would need to rest before they got here. But right now she needed to put more together.

Johnny was handing her information as fast as his and sh'Dani's people were producing it. None of it pointed to the nice clean picture everyone would want. Tashanas sighed to herself again. The chime rang. Tashanas opened her eyes and looked towards the door.

She assumed this was the new Tactical Officer. She raised both her eyebrows in an amused expression. She remembered this one from the Academy. It would be interesting working
with her this time.

She stood and went toward her desk as she replied.

"Come." She said dropping all expression from her face. She had spent enough years acting Vulcan that frequently it was a habit when she was near one.

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Fri 2300: Upper pylon 3

Jun. 5th, 2007 | 11:19 am
posted by: tashanas in empok_nor

Tashanas stared at the young woman in front of her, and her officer. She had had a suspicion, but she had hoped in some ways that they would display more sense.

"Mr. Hill could you leave us for a moment?" She purposfully did not use his rank, it wasn't an order, it was a request.

"Of course sir." Hill put his hand on Eviess' arm reassuringly and went to the end of the corridor where the lift was. Tashanas waited until he had left.

"How long have you been away from home?" Tashanas asked calmly. Using their native tongue.

"Two and a half months." the answer was nervous. Eviess was obviously intimidated by her, which was as it should be to Tashanas' mind.

"And what did your Uncle say about me when you got here?"

"I'd rather not repeat most of it Captain. It wasn't accurate from what I have seen, and what Matt has told me."

Tashanas found the last to be an interesting piece of information. Of all of her officers he was the one that had been most hesitant upon finding out about her past. Yet he was trusting her with this, and to give them advice.

She looked into the girls eyes. She was no soldier, she was one of the civillians her own love had told her they would be protecting in the Tal-Shiar. She remembered the fight between her mother and herself when she not only married him, but followed him into the Tal-Shiar. She had been an old Senator at that point, and one whose influence had come and gone with the leader of her time. She had been the lantern for their people at one time, ironic that she had not been native to their worlds. A fact that would shake the foundation of the current government should it become known.

Tashanas only vaguely remembered being that in love herself, she remembered her son and his love, the woman that would have been his life-mate but for Tashanas' own choice. She spoke to the girl gently,
"Are you ready to let go of your hearthworlds so quickly. You have likely 100 years ahead of you, are you ready to never see the markers of your home again. The citizens of the Federation do not trust us, and there is no going home again once this choice is made. Even if our peoples and theirs find peace, the names of those that have made this choice have been written and burned, we can never go home, never touch our families again. To those that love us it is a knife in their gut, a wound that can never fully heal."

"Home is with Matt." Eviess answered calmly, the human name sounding odd within their language. "My family has enough children that loosing me will come as no grreat blow to them. Accountants are not honored, we do not have our name banners flown at the senate arch."

The last was a blow, and a confirmation that her identity was known either to the Rhianssu aboard station, or that Hill had told her. Tashanas was actually betting on the former but would need to confirm. Her mother's banner had hung next to the arch at her death.

Tashanas raised an eyebrow at the girl.
"Even a servant can rise to that place if they act with mnhei'sahe." Tashanas commented. The young girl smiled.

"I have no great wisdom, or intelligence, mnhei'sahe is a strong force, and maybe stronger than me. What I know is that I love Matt. That here I am able to do that with minimal judgement. I am under no illusions that there won't be prejudice. I have seen that at the resturant. My Uncle will be ridiculed for his choice to open the resturant here, but in the end he will go about his life. ANd I will be able to be with Matt."

Tashanas looked at her and looked out to the stars. "Today, I almost had to tell a small boy that his mother was dead from actions she performed under my orders. In a week I could be coming to tell you the same about Matt. If he died in the line of duty tomorrow and made you a widow would the choice still be as clear to you?

"The Dominion war may be over, but he is a millitary officer, and that comes with many risks no matter which side of the Outmarches you live on. If he is your only reason I would urge you to reconsider. Turning your back on everything you have known for a single person is something that I would discourage. Find out more about this place, from the travellers, people outside Starfleet. Decide if this is the world you want to live in. A world where there is no going home, and no world truly welcomes you.

"If you consider this, and come to me later and ask, I will grant you assylum. But you must be certain. Tell Matt of your home, the small beauties, the smell of the flowers, the market at Eitreih'hveinn, the sunset. You can show him some of them in the holosuite, but I assure you, it is never quite the same and you always know it isn't real." Tashanas moved to walk away from the young woman, younger even than Maec's love when she died, but not when she first met her.

'In the end it is your choice, and I will not stand in the way of that choice. But nor will I be blamed any more than necessary when the years have passed and the fact that your name banner will not hang anywhere in the Empire hits home." She continued out of the corridor wishing that there was someone that she could talk to about the days events, all of them and what they meant...

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FRI 2100 Infirmary

Mar. 30th, 2007 | 03:43 pm
posted by: colleenodonnell in empok_nor

First she was aware of noises. A steady beep, an annoying series of beeps, some static, and finally...someone talking. Speaking softly. To her? Maybe. *Open your eyes,* she commanded, but nothing happened. The sensation of touch came next, as she felt something warm on her hand, and then felt it taken away. *Wait...* But nothing happened. The warm feeling didn't come back. *Open your eyes,* she ordered, frustrated. Still, nothing. Until she saw not endless black, but the deep red color that indicated there was light outside her eyelids. They opened, and she saw the back of John's head as he walked out the door. "John," she croaked, attempting to clear her throat but only receiving a coughing spasm in return. He ran over to her, and slammed his hand into the 'call' button on the biobed. Then he held her hand, and smiled as the coughing died down. She didn't try to speak again--not until she got her breathing under control.

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Friday 2000 Diz's quarters

Mar. 30th, 2007 | 08:06 pm
posted by: dizhei_shdani in empok_nor

Diz left her room, entering the living room, finding the girls giggling away together conspiratorily. She shook her head with a smile, unsure how worried she should be about this giggling. It had been going on for the majority of the last week or so. She nearly tripped as Poppy wound around her legs, rubbing her head against them as she did so. She bent down, grabbing the kitten, growling lightly at it while she scratched her head playfully. She had planned on taking the girls to see how Colleen was, but the girls had wanted to spend the night in watching holovids. *Well, there's always tomorrow* Diz thought, taking a seat by the girls, kitten still in hand, figuring they might not be ready to see Colleen yet, given how badly she was injured.

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FRI 1800 Replimat

Mar. 28th, 2007 | 04:11 pm
posted by: johnwendell in empok_nor

Merrick had literally come into Colleen's area, and ordered John to go eat something. He argued that he had eaten at lunch--he didn't *need* dinner. But there was no arguing with Merrick. So he headed to the Replimat, not entirely grudgingly (he was starving) and ordered a large steak, a loaded baked potato, some beans, and a synthehol. He spotted Lt. Hill sitting by himself, and not wanting to eat alone, headed over to the table. "Mind if I join you?"

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FRI 1600 Holosuite 2

Mar. 6th, 2007 | 06:50 pm
posted by: keithodonnell in empok_nor

Keith said goodbye to John excitedly, looking around the holosuite dance room. Michael led him into the center, where he took his old place, facing the mirror and Captain Tashanas. He was wearing his exercise suit, and he was standing up on his own, only limping instead of dependent on crutches. That made him very happy, and he couldn't wait to dance again. "I want to dance!" He yelled excitedly to no one in particular.

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Fri 1430: The Last Outpost

Mar. 1st, 2007 | 09:31 am
posted by: lijaxa in empok_nor

Jaxa walked into the bar, it was about time to arrange whether she would be singing tomorrow night or not. She heard Higgins and managed to roll her eyes. She made a mental note to talk to Chief Sussan. There wasn't much they could do about the rumor mill, but the staff should be aware of what it was saying, as long as they didn't try to confront the low grade stuff directly.

She nodded slightly to the Captain as she passed on the upper level on her way to the youth dance class. She smiled as Kieth and Michael walked by. Michael had grown so much in the last few years, she still marveled at it. Kieth was talking and Michael was listening, and if Jaxa was any judge looking every so often over at Thriss. It wouldn't be too long now.

She smiled at him as the waiter brought her her drink. She gave him her order and let him know that there wasn't a hurry. He looked at her with relief and ran off. She waited to catch Ell's eye until he was done with Lt. Higgins.

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FRI 1400 Last Outpost

Feb. 28th, 2007 | 09:58 pm
posted by: em_random in empok_nor

Lieutenant Higgins walked into the Last Outpost as he did daily, every day after getting off his shift. He had been monitoring the warp flux readouts for several hours on board the Hades, all the while listening to Lieutenant Jenkins and her friend talk about recent happenings. There was no one better informed than he and Jenkins. She usually joined him for the afternoon drink and discussion, but she was pulling a double today. Something about the tetrion particle scanners aboard the station malfunctioning, and the Chief insisting everyone who had originally worked on them chip in.

He sat down at Ell's bar, and said,
"Hey, Ell. Usual."

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Friday 1330 Infirmary

Feb. 28th, 2007 | 06:07 pm
posted by: dizhei_shdani in empok_nor

Diz entered the infirmary, hoping Amanda hadn't eaten already. She, herself, was starving, and had hoped for some company during lunch. Her other option was to hope Ell wasn't too busy and could talk with her while she ate, but she hated distracting him from his work. Diz could see Amanda talking to a nurse, and was happy to wait until they were done.

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Friday 1245 - The Last Outpost

Feb. 25th, 2007 | 04:16 pm
posted by: thellizhir in empok_nor

"Tell that Bolian couple that's the last time we're gonna change their order for them. And, no, we did not just pick the kalo off it," he barked at a young Ferengi waiter as he shoved the tray toward him. For the past couple of days it'd just been Ell and two waiters staffing the bar. No dabo girls either. Lotta put in her notice-- two hour notice, he recalled pissily-- when an old boyfriend showed up.

Leritha told Ell she was heading back to Andor, and that was fine. The two had gotten into more than a few arguments while she was on station, and frankly he didn't need her hanging around. But Tanoshii,
that little bastard, left on the same ship as Zhavey. No goodbye, no notice, no nothing. Ell suspected it was his fault; after all, he did take it personally when he figured out Tanoshii had lied about his age, and pointed out to security that Tanoshii had no records whatsoever dating back more than a couple of months. But wouldn't Leritha have told him if she was leaving with Tanoshii? Why would his own zhavey keep something like that to herself?

Ell found himself with a moment to catch his breath. He leaned up against the replicator, arms crossed, glaring a hole into the "HELP WANTED" sign he'd scrawled before opening the bar this morning. He looked around, recalling how
big the station seemed when he first came aboard, bright eyed and bushy tailed, excited to start things anew. Now, though, he felt trapped, stuck, old. Mundane. Where were the dirty deals? The half-naked dancers he thought would come running at the opportunity to work at a hub like Empok Nor? Where were the bounty hunters he was sure were coming for his head?

You haven't even been here that long, he assured himself. Just breathe... if Tanoshii doesn't come back, it is your bar... He found himself with a smirk on his face. He hadn't thought of it that way. Until now, he hadn't had the time to think. He'd thought of his predicament as a babysitting job. But without Tanoshii, he was the one in charge here.

He stood there for a few minutes, blocking off the replicator, pleased with himself that the waiters wouldn't think of bothering him.
Not today, he thought, and his smirk became a grin.

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FRI 1030 Infirmary

Feb. 24th, 2007 | 05:16 pm
posted by: johnwendell in empok_nor

John had returned from the school, and had spent a bit of time talking to Colleen about Keith. He told her how their little boy was now walking without crutches, and how much he had improved. How he drew something in school the other day that he claimed was a rabbit, and how he had hung it in their quarters with pride. And how much he missed her, and wanted her to wake up. He realized after a bit that he really owed her parents a call. It wasn't fair to keep them in suspense, unsure whether she had survived. He tapped his combadge. "Wendell to the Captain. Sir, I'd like to request use of the interspace transmitter."

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Friday 0900 School

Feb. 24th, 2007 | 01:06 am
posted by: mork_williams in empok_nor

Mork stood at the front of the class, waiting for the children to settle. He was actually enjoying this mission, it being a simple information gathering and observation one, with a cover proving to be more interesting and enjoyable than he had enticipated. On the whole, the children weren't disruptive or undisciplined, were all fairly bright and the range of ages proved to be a welcome challenge, making him have to really consider when and what to do as collective lessons and when to break it down. He scanned the room quickly before starting the class, and it appeared to be another average day for the group, mostly divided into smaller groups, except in one or two cases, such as Porik, the Vulcan boy. Thriss was at the back, scribbling away on a padd, looking up occassionly, only to keep an eye on her sister, *shi* Mork corrected himself, Shalarab, who was talking with Michael, Keith, and two of the other children nearer Keith's age, Nerys and Sean. Naturally he had heard of the incident with Colleen, the vague details at least, and was glad that Michael and Shalarab were with Keith. Roga, Reegra, Yanna, Kia, and Li were all gesturing wildly about some on-going game they played while outside of school, he wasn't surprised, given these 5 were all about the same age. The other eight were all discussing who had seen the most exotic aliens, with some quite wild claims by some of the older children, the younger ones soaking it up.
"Alright class!" He declared. "Yesterday we were discussing the Coalition of Planets, in 2155, and founding of the Federation, in 2161. Michael, can you remind us which species took part in each, please?"

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FRI 0730 Saril's Quarters/ School

Feb. 12th, 2007 | 12:25 pm
posted by: johnwendell in empok_nor

It felt like John had just gotten back to the Infirmary as the chronometer read 0720, and he realized that if he wanted to have any time with Keith this morning, he had to leave. "Hang in there," he said softly to Colleen. "I'll be back after Keith's in school." He wasn't sure if he'd be called to duty, but he didn't have any intention on reporting on his own. He was staying right by her side until he was actually called, and he didn't know if Chief Sussan would bother calling him or not. Either way, he took off for Saril and Soran's quarters, taking a deep breath before ringing the chime.

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Friday 0350 sh'Dani's quarters

Feb. 7th, 2007 | 10:38 pm
posted by: dizhei_shdani in empok_nor

Diz finished tucking in Shalarab, Poppy curled up at her feet. She lingered a few more moments, staring at Shalarab, before entering the main living room where Thriss was finishing off her homework for school. She sat, glad that Colleen would be fine, having called Amanda earlier about it. She got the impression it'd been a close call for her. A few minutes later....and Keith would be down a third parent. To Andorian, now and in the past this would upsetting, even with one biological parent left, and nothing else, like what Keith had been through. She couldn't stop herself being happy in a perverse way, that it was Colleen and Keith, not her and her children that was going through this, but Diz tried to keep those thoughts from her mind. At least if anything happened to her the girls still had 3 parents on Andor....and if anything happened to the girls, Diz's life would hardly be worth living, between her own guilt and Thia. She shook the thoughts off, smiling at Thriss. She was now doodling on a pad, but put down her pen and walked over and curled up next to Diz. She put her arm around her and they stayed like that for a long time.

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FRI 0045 John's Quarters

Jan. 23rd, 2007 | 05:18 pm
music: "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls
posted by: johnwendell in empok_nor

After his argument with Tashanas, John went right to his quarters, feeling utterly exhausted. The moment he entered, he saw that the bulkhead had been opened and now Colleen's living room was visible from his entrance. He looked at the opening for a moment, spotting the picture of Colleen's parents and her, sitting on the coffee table. "God-*DAMN IT*," he screamed, and picked up the nearest object he could find. He hurtled it at the wall, not even knowing what it was until it fell to the ground. It was a glass. It had no liquid in it...he must have forgotten about it at some point. He leaned against the door frame between his and Colleen's quarters, and slid down to the floor. He put his head in his hands, and wept quietly.

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FRI 0000 Tashanas' Office

Jan. 23rd, 2007 | 03:47 pm
posted by: johnwendell in empok_nor

The surgery ended at 2330, and John sat by Colleen's side for a half hour, talking to her softly and finally getting the chance to hold her hand. The electronic bandages were abundant, and an aircast held her shin still just until the new skin and bone could heal properly. Amanda had come by eventually and told him that he would have to leave until tomorrow morning. Colleen was an adult, and having non-medical personnel in the Infirmary wasn't necessary. He realized he needed sleep, but wasn't likely to get it. And he didn't want to leave Colleen for a second. Grudgingly, he followed his orders with the intent to get back to her as soon as 0530 rolled around. But he didn't go to his quarters. Instead, he went to the Captain's office. He had a few things he needed to discuss.

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Thurs 2100: Soran Family Quarters

Jan. 22nd, 2007 | 11:53 am
posted by: lijaxa in empok_nor

Saril had called her and asked her to come over. Keith was upset, and Jaxa could understand that. She had called the infirmary before coming over, thanking the prophets that per Tashanas' order she had the same access to medical records that the physicians did. The news wasn't great, but she hoped it would be enough to calm him to sleep.

She rang the chime. Saril let her in with a nod towards the couch where Keith was curled up, not quite crying, she suspected he had cried most of the tears in him out.she went to the couch and sat down.

"Hi Keith."

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THURS 2050 Infirmary

Jan. 15th, 2007 | 09:20 am
posted by: johnwendell in empok_nor

John felt the Hades dock as if it had crashed into Empok Nor. He was up instantly, having been sleeping with the 'mental condition' that he would jump up immediately if anything moved. So, subconsiously, the Hades gently docking at Empok Nor was as good as a torpedo hit for him. He was awake. "Are we beaming over?" he asked as he slid off the bed and walked over to the stasis field, looking at Colleen to assure himself that she was still in there.

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Thursday 1900 Briefing Room

Jan. 15th, 2007 | 10:57 am
posted by: jane_welch_en in empok_nor

Placeholder for possible briefiing....

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Thursday 18:50 Hades Sickbay

Jan. 11th, 2007 | 12:26 pm
posted by: dramandalee in empok_nor

The level of damange was just short of lethel, Amanda realized as she scanned Colleen. Torture had obviously been used, and the chest wound had taken out one lung, though it had missed most of the major vessels. *At least modern weapons seal as they go,* Amanda thought in half relief, half disgust. They'd have to replace the lung and a few vessels. Broken ribs, badly wrenched arms, a broken ankle...

"We've got what readings we need," she said softly, calling up the stasis container. She'd have the Infirmary on the base start the procedure for the replacement 'parts'. "We'll keep her stable this way until we reach the base." The EMH nodded, his expression of course impassive. "If anyone comes looking for her, send them to me first..."

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Thurs 1840: Base/Hades

Jan. 10th, 2007 | 09:10 am
posted by: tashanas in empok_nor

Tashanas worked on the console some more. the wiping had been quite thorough. She wasn't finding any information on the system at all. The only clue she did have was circumstantial. It looked like the wiping followed Tal-Shiar protocols rather than any of the other intelligence agencies. She frowned at the screen as she managed to recover only minuscule amounts of data that did not connect. That's when she found the virus buried in the core. She immediately isolated her tricorder from the Hades and hit her combadge, the virus had gone active upon her finding it.

"Tashanas to Hades. Bring the teams back, immediately. Prepare for immediate evasive maneuvers getting us out of here."

She was amused that she was already transporting as she heard Welch acknowledge her command. She was standing on the platform with Johnny and two others of his Security teams. She motioned them off hurriedly and headed to the bridge with Johnny

"Collate that information. I'm going to do a briefing as soon as we are clear."

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THURS 1815 Hades/Empok Nor

Jan. 8th, 2007 | 11:41 am
posted by: johnwendell in empok_nor

John's expression was still one of shock and anguish when he beamed aboard the Hades. He wanted so badly to go with Dr. Lee and find out what happened with Colleen, and he could hardly concentrate on what he was doing. He nearly went the wrong way on his way to the turbolift. He entered the bridge, still in a sort of daze, with his phaser clipped to his belt. He had forgotten to put it back in the weapons locker. He sat down, and set a course for Empok Nor, waiting for orders to engage. As he stared at the helm panel, he couldn't get the image of Colleen's beaten form out of his head. He sent yet another prayer up that she would survive.

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THURS 1730 Hades / Base

Dec. 28th, 2006 | 08:37 am
posted by: johnwendell in empok_nor

John dropped out of warp when they reached the coordinates. He wasn't entirely surprised to not see anything on sensors. The base was most likely cloaked. "We've arrived at the coordinates, Sir," he said instantly. "But I'm picking up several anomalies, and straight ahead is a thick asteroid belt. Should we start scanning for tetrion particles, Sir?" This area of space wasn't going to be easy to navigate. But he'd do it, no questions asked, if it meant finding Colleen.

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Thursday 1700 Base

Dec. 27th, 2006 | 11:42 pm
posted by: em_random in empok_nor

The two Humans re-entered the room, the male carrying a small tray, containing two small odd shaped devices, and a PADD. The female took the two objects from the tray with a smile. *These should give us what we want* she thought, pleased, as she placed the Romulan mind probes on Colleen's head, one on each temple. As far as they knew, she didn't have much training against this sort of thing, so getting the information they wanted shouldn't take too long, which was a good thing, given that the 'rescue party' should be here within the hour, to rescue her, *If there's anything left by then......*

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THURS 1500 School/ Saril & Soran's Quarters

Dec. 26th, 2006 | 11:36 pm
posted by: keithodonnell in empok_nor

Keith and Michael stood up from their desks after Mr. Williams concluded the history lesson, and walked together toward the door. Keith could sense something from Michael that wasn't there before...it was almost like what he had sensed from John when he told Keith about Colleen being missing. Only it wasn't as intense as what John felt. Keith smiled at Saril when he saw her. "Hi! See me, I can walk on one crutch! And I kicked the ball in gym!"

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Thurs 1500 Hades

Dec. 26th, 2006 | 04:34 pm
posted by: tashanas in empok_nor

Tashanas had gone to her quarters briefly to see if another signal had arrived, either equally early or at the correct time, nothing. At least they were at the sight and should have all the information they needed. She came back onto the bridge and headed to the Science statioon where Welch and sh'Dani were huddled.

"Tell me you have a location." Tashanas said with a slight question in her voice.

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THURS 1400 Base

Dec. 26th, 2006 | 03:26 pm
mood: uncomfortablein pain
music: 'When I'm Gone' by 3 Doors Down
posted by: colleenodonnell in empok_nor

How long had she been there? Hours? She thought it was days, but also realized that it probably was shorter than it felt. She had lost the feeling in her arms a while ago, in the middle of the Christmas Novina. She had said three Rosaries, and had nearly gotten through the Novina. But on number 8...or maybe it was 11...she thought she lost consciousness. The next thing she knew, she was trying to remember what prayer she was saying at all. The humming had gotten old after an hour, or three...she wasn't sure. When she had come to, however, she discovered that her feet were slightly lower. And the pain was gone in her arms...which wasn't a good sign. She realized that maybe they were more than dislocated. There could be anything from pinched nerves to completely lost circulation.

But her physical problems weren't foremost on her mind anymore. She didn't know how long it had been, but she *knew* it had been longer than it should have. She should have been rescued. And she wasn't. It was certainly early Friday by now, and it was starting to look like she wasn't going to make it out of here.

For some odd reason, she couldn't get a rock song out of her head. John and she had flown to it a million times. It was called 'When I'm Gone' by a band from the twentieth century, 'Three Doors Down'. She sometimes thought that no one but she and John listened to that kind of music, but of course that's what made it all the more special for them. Something they could do together that most people thought was pointless. It was something they shared.

Read more...Collapse )

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Thurs 1000 Hades Bridge

Dec. 26th, 2006 | 11:08 am
posted by: tashanas in empok_nor

Tashanas walked onto the bridge as purposefully and as non-emotionally as ever. She took her seat calmly. "Preflight checks?" She knew they would all com back affirmative but procedure was there.

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THURS 0950 Tashanas' Quarters on Hades

Dec. 21st, 2006 | 09:13 pm
posted by: johnwendell in empok_nor

John made sure he was on time. He had made sure that the repairs were taken care of, or would be very shortly, by some crewmen. The shuttles would all be ready to go out again by 1030 today. He had arranged for Saril to pick Keith up today, and had left a PADD with a little note to his son. It basically told him that he loved him, and he looked forward to hearing how his day at school had gone.

He rang Tashanas' chime at exactly 0950, wanting the 'talk' to go as quickly as possible so he could get out there and find Colleen.

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Thurs 0830 Maec's Quarters

Dec. 21st, 2006 | 05:31 pm
posted by: tashanas in empok_nor

Tashanas walked to his quarter's with the results of the analysis in her hands. This 'unofficial' channel of communicating with the empire amused her to some degree, though she did worry for her son's safety in doing this. She rang the chime and waited.

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THURS 0800 Base

Dec. 21st, 2006 | 04:05 pm
posted by: colleenodonnell in empok_nor

Colleen had no idea what time of day she was woken up, but someone she hadn't met...a human...came and got her in the Brig. She had somehow slept sound enough not to have dreams. That in itself baffled her. She was escorted out of the brig without a word, to where she presumed Haden was going to interrogate her. Now was the time to be smooth. She was led to double doors, which was unusual. Usually that signified cargo bay. The guard pushed her inside the large, empty room, and she looked up to see something hanging from the ceiling...it looked like it might descend. The lighting was terrible, but she had a funny feeling she knew what it was. Restraints. She saw someone's shadow emerge from behind a few crates, and realized that her time for sending the distress signal had just passed. There was no way she could hit it without being noticed, now. She only hoped this interrogation wouldn't last too long...and she could send it when she was put back in the brig.

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THURS 0745 Colleen's Quarters/School/Shuttle Facility

Dec. 20th, 2006 | 04:20 pm
mood: distresseddistressed
posted by: johnwendell in empok_nor

It had taken a considerable amount of time to get Keith ready for school today. It was very clear that the little boy did *not* want to go. He had first claimed he was sick, which made John nearly call an emergency beamout to the Infirmary. Luckily for everyone, Keith had declared at the last minute that he had made up the entire thing. That earned him a lecture from John, to which he responded by pouting and insisting that John was mean. He threw a small temper tantrum before succumbing to the reality that he was going to have to go whether he liked it or not. John was convinced that Keith simply didn't want to face the other kids, or hear anyone talk about Colleen. Somehow, he had figured out that they might know. And he was right. John just hoped Mr. Williams adequately shielded him. After that the construction crew of two crewman arrived to knock down the wall and build the reinforcements, creating a door between John's and Colleen's quarters. John left for work after they arrived, and walked into the shuttle facility hangar, and right up to a console. He began surveying what he needed to do today. He just hoped Tashanas contacted him soon, and told him it was time to fly.

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Thurs 0100 Base (perceived Thurs 0700 Shuttle/Spaceport)

Dec. 20th, 2006 | 11:49 am
posted by: em_random in empok_nor

Marcus had watched the young woman sleep, he had heard that it was believed that you could see someone's soul when they slept, he didn't know about that, but this one was defiantly an interesting one to watch sleep. He sighed and figured it had been long enough. He wondered how she was going to react to the spaceport being civilian. He smiled slightly before waking her, then nodded to one of the other crew, who stepped out of the area.

"Rise and shine Starfleet. Time for you to take the helm."

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Thursday 0500 sh'Dani quarters.

Dec. 19th, 2006 | 01:28 am
posted by: dizhei_shdani in empok_nor

The girls were in bed, and would wake shortly, so Diz was enjoying the still and quiet in her quarters, not that she didn't love having the girls around, but they, Shalarab especially, could be tiring. She was still getting used to having them around so much, after 15 years of seeing them only intermittenly. She held a PADD in her hands, a recently published journal, although it was interesting her mind kept wandering. Mainly to Colleen. She'd heard about the bar incident while she was with Ell and Leritha for dinner on Sunday, mainly through second hand reports and rumours, and couldn't believe what she'd heard, putting it down to rumours being rumours, but this....this was a bit suspicious. She didn't know the details, some none of them knew bar Colleen, but there were questions that had answers Diz wasn't sure she wanted to know, which actually surprised her, her curiousity usually got the better of her. She also felt for John and Keith, the boy had been through too much to have to add this to the ever-growing list. She sighed, trying to push it from her mind, and turned back to her journal, reading but not absorbing the information, knowing, annoyed, she'd just have to re-read it at a later date when her mind was actually on it.

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